Want More Space?


Double Your Closet Space!
Tired of struggling to find that favorite sweater or shirt? Wish you had some more space to store those expensive shoes? Enjoy the convenience of having your own private closet space that you can organize as you please (only YOU have the key!). Store your seasonal items in a safe and clean space when you don't need to access them frequently.

Enjoy Easy & Convenient 7/11 Access.
Feel good knowing your stuff is close by and easy to access (our facility is only a 12-minute drive from People's Square). Also with our convenient access hours, you can breeze in anytime you want between 9:00am-9:00pm, everyday (365 days a year).

Clear Away Clutter - It's Good for Feng Shui!
One important yet basic Feng Shui principal in home decorating is to clear away clutter (or “old energy residues”) in order to create a foundation of fresh energy.

Self Storage is also a good solution when you:

Need storage but not sure when you might need it?

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