Did you know that the average humidity level in Shanghai is 80 percent?

Mold & mildew can accumulate when the humidity level is above 55 percent. That means that in Shanghai, mold & mildew can grow on furniture and clothing at a relentless pace if not stored in a proper environment.
Relax knowing that your belongings will remain free from mold and bacteria in our clean and climate-controlled facility.

Worried about Security?
Get the best security with our CCTV cameras (set to record on motion detect) and security personnel patrolling in and around the facility, 24 hours a day. You can’t get this kind of peace of mind when you rent a cheap apartment or store in an “yi ban de” warehouse.

Don't Have Time to Plan and Organize Your Things BEFORE the Renovation?
Don't worry! You don't have to let renovation run your life. Have the freedom to access your stuff anytime you want during the renovation.

Self Storage is also a good solution when you:

Need storage but not sure when you might need it?

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