Storage Calculator


Living Room

Bookcase Ent. Ctr - Med Rug - Large Table - End
Chair - Arm Glass Cabinet Sofa - 2 Seater Trunk
Chair - Straight Lamp - Floor Sofa - 3 Seater TV - 25"
Chest Lamp - Table Stereo System TV - 36"
Ent. Ctr - Sml Rug - Small Table - Coffee TV - Flat 36"

Your living room total is cubic meters.

Dining Room

Buffet Dining Chair Rug - Small
Dining Table Rug - Large

Your dining room total is cubic meters.


Air Con - Sml Dryer Machine Refrigerator - Med Vacuum Cleaner
Air Con - Lrg Refrigerator - Sml Refrigerator - Lrg Washing Machine

Your appliances total is cubic meters.


Table - Breakfast Ironing Board Serving Cart
Chair - Breakfast Microwave Barstool/High Chair

Your kitchen total is cubic meters.


Armoire - Sml Bed - Queen Chest/Trunk Night Table
Armoire - Lrg Bed - King Dresser - Sngl
Bed - Bunk Bookshelves Dresser - Dbl
Bed - Stnd/Dbl Chair Dresser - Vty w/bench

Your bedroom total is cubic meters.


Chair - Padded Desk - Med Printer - Sml
Chair - Reg Desk - Lrg Printer - Med
Computer - Desktop Fax Machine Printer - Lrg
Computer - Laptop File Boxes

Your office total is cubic meters.


Bicycle Golf Bag Workout Bench
Futon/Cot - Folded Pool Table

Your miscellaneous total is cubic meters.

The total is cubic meters*. Your suggested unit size is:
*THE ABOVE NUMBER IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY. Your actual storage unit may vary - perhaps significantly - from the estimate. Love Box makes no guarantees as to, and shall bear no responsibly for the accuracy of such estimate.