Our Team



Sander – Resident Linguist

(a.k.a. Facility & Operations Manager)

Sander, our handsome facility manager, has a mixture of Dutch and Greek heritage. He has started his adventure in China since one year ago when he first arrived in Beijing and 7 months later, he settled down in Shanghai to join the Love Box family. He majored in Supply Chain Management at Vrije University Amsterdam and is now putting these theories he learnt into practice! So far, Shanghai has been an exciting place for Sander and he really loves to eat the Soup Buns and Xiao Long Baos here!!!

Being a foreigner in Shanghai, he can relate to most of our Love Box customers and he always make sure that our customers are getting the best storage experience ever.

Bo han – People Connoisseur
(a.k.a. Facility Manager)

Bohan is visiting us from Singapore and is second in command at Love Box. He is a true student of Sociology with an appreciation for all things people. He has a passion for social entrepreneurship (and beautiful storage solutions!) So when he's not coming up with business ideas that are profitable and beneficial to society he loves making our customers’ lives easier.

Emily Ding - Cat Whisperer
(a.k.a. Deputy Facility Manager)

Emily is our Deputy Facility Manager at Love Box (and the newest member to the Love Box team). Before venturing into the world of Self Storage, she traveled the world as a nurse. Her most adventurous posting was in Saudi Arabia (she loves to talk about that experience so please feel free to ask!).

She is an animal lover at heart and can be regularly seen hanging out in public with her “Kitty”. When Emily's not busy assisting customers with solving their storage predicaments, she enjoys the simple things in life like spending time with her friends, drawing, reading and playing on the computer. One of Emily’s pearls of wisdom – “Always try to make life interesting and colorful.”

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