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Saving You Time


Location: We’re 12 minutes’ drive from People’s Square, right by the intersection of two major elevated roadways. For a map and directions, click here (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader – click here if you need Reader.)

Parking: You’ll be able to park in our dedicated customer loading zone, which is 6 steps from our elevator.


Making Your Life Easier

Facility Access Keypad System

10-19 Access: Our automated access system allows you to access your goods from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm everyday, 7 days a week.except of the national holidays on notice board. For our hours of business operation, please click here.

12 Standard Unit Sizes: to fit all needs.

Friendly English-Speaking Staff: All of our staff are fluent in English. For more information on the team, click here.

Flexible Payment Options: We accept both domestic and foreign credit cards. If you're traveling and have a PayPal or AliPay account, make your rent payments online. Call us for more details.

Transport: Parking is free or we can help you call for Taxi before you leave the facility.

Love Box Self Storage - Payment Options


Giving You Peace of Mind


Humidity Control: When relative humidity reaches 55%, mold, spores, and other nasty things begin to form. With our 21 dehumidifiers, we keep the humidity under control to keep your goods clean.

Modern Security: We have 16 security cameras throughout the facility that are being monitored and recorded. Our automated access system requires a Love Box Self Storage access card and PIN.

Tenant Insurance: Get even more protection with our tenant insurance – now available as an option when you sign up for your unit. Love Box is the first self storage provider to offer tenant insurance in mainland China!

For directions to our facility, please click here.

For hours of business operation at our facility, please click here.

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